4446 million yuan! OML ,well done!
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4446 million yuan! OML ,well done!
4446 million yuan! OML ,well done!

Da Lighting News (Chen Huaying Cheng Jiejing from Zhongshan) March 20, "OML Linear Light New Wave Makes New Riches" OML Lighting National Excellent Distributors Conference was successfully held in Xiaolan, Zhongshan.


Dou Linping, Secretary-General of China Lighting Society, Cai Hongbo, Executive Chairman of China (Hardware) Communication Channel Alliance and Chairman of Da Lighting Platform, Wang Shunbo, President of China Lighting Lighting Lighting Sharing Alliance, Ma Chi, Executive Director of Dengdu Lighting Technology Research Institute of Zhongshan City, National Registered Senior Lighting Designer, Li Xiaoping, President of OML Lighting Deng Chao, General Manager of Product Division, Lai Rongsheng, Senior Adviser, Wang Qun, Vice General Manager of Domestic Marketing Feng Xiao, LinDeming, Marketing Manager and more than 200 Oman dealers from all over the country attended the meeting.

OML, focusing on linear lighting for 15 years, started from a lamp, and developed into the lighting industry "lamp belt king", strength can not be underestimated.


For dealers, OML is undoubtedly a good brand to show off! And after listening to the participants'sharing, people are full of confidence in OML.

At the meeting, Dou Linping, secretary-general of China Lighting Society, shared the theme of "OML phenomenon in lighting industry". OML Lighting started with one lamp. After 12 years of development and precipitation, many products have been greatly improved, and it is no longer just a company that only makes lamp belts.


Secretary-General Dou Linping also pointed out that since 2013, with the development and application of LED lighting, the status of urban landscape lighting has been significantly improved. The status of urban landscape lighting in the city is not only reflected in its "illumination" role, but also in its economic benefits for the city, and can greatly enhance the overall well-being and security of the people.


At present, landscape lighting has become an indispensable part of urban landscape, and OML takes the lamp belt as the guide, which brings different experiences to the industry. In the next 3-5 years, interpretive lighting and urban lighting show will become the highlights of urban landscape lighting. The history and culture of a city can be displayed through the lighting show.

OML Lighting President Li Xiaoping, in his keynote speech "OML, a good brand to show hands", mentioned that the lighting industry in 2018 is a red sea, and the diversion is serious: first, channel differentiation, e-commerce, designers, fine decoration, non-industry alliances are grabbing more market share; second, consumer upgrading.


With the growth of the big and the strong, there are two extremes in the development of manufacturers: one is strength brand, pricing grounding gas, achieving "substantial growth" in performance; the other is the peer who only pursues price, with "cliff-like decline" in performance. So, "If we want to make money, we have to make ourselves valuable!" Only cost-effective, no future.


Where will OML go in 2019? This year OML will focus on "culture, technology, resources, brand" four aspects, to "break the shell, take root, innovation bureau", to "from the lamp belt to the linear main lighting, create a new pattern of point, line and surface", OML will use the power of line light to do a good job of lamp belt. In the future, we hope to build "OML Wharf" together with all OML’s.

In his keynote speech on "OML Ten Good", OML Lighting Marketing Manager Lin Deming interpreted OML from ten aspects: good development, good strength, good manufacturing, good technology, good honor, good positioning, good products, good brand, good business and good channels. According to reports, OML moved three times in 15 years, the scale of the factory continued to expand, and the capacity continued to expand.


As the "first share of domestic light belt", OML has been listed on the new third board in 2017, and has achieved steady growth in sales for 15 years. OML has established the first linear lighting research base in the country. The new industrial park covers 35 Mu and has an annual output value plan of 1 billion yuan, which can fully meet OML's global strategic supply.


Trend! "OML Line Light" Comes by the Potential


At present, OML's development has undoubtedly opened a new chapter! OML sees the development trend, and now has launched a new line illumination category in an all-round way. So, what is OML line lighting? What potential and advantages does it have? And look down!

Ma Chi, Executive Dean of Dengdu Lighting Technology Research Institute of Zhongshan City and National Registered Senior Lighting Designer, shared his thoughts on "aesthetics of light, philosophy of light, green lighting, characteristics and application of line light". He said that the application of the line is very wide and flexible, can be long or short, wide or narrow, can be bright or dark, and is loved by many designers.

In fact, different light environment, illumination, light type, bring people different experience. According to Ma Chi, "Linear light is the most earthly beauty", "Linear lighting is the most natural soft light illumination". Linear light brings people the most beautiful visual experience.

Lai Rongsheng, senior consultant of OML Lighting, put forward the view that "line is better than point" in sharing, and narrated the charm of line from many aspects. He pointed out that the old lamps and lanterns can not meet the new demand. Demand and technological progress promotes the renewal and upgrading of the category. This is also the prelude to the outbreak of the new type of lighting, and the current market environment of lighting is warming up.


OML has the foundation and advantages to create new types of linear lighting, such as having 15 years of linear lighting genes and foundations. It is defined as "OML Linear Light" because it requires the flexibility of lines and the charm of light. A new wave of category changes is another opportunity to create wealth. New momentum has arrived, and if you can't see it, you'll end up on the shore.

Feng Xiao, deputy general manager of domestic marketing of OML Lighting, said that "OML Linear Lighting" is a comprehensive engineering product cluster which integrates linear lighting, linear lighting, linear light source, lamp belt, commercial lighting, power controller and intelligent control. From now on, OML has launched OML Linear Illumination, officially announcing to the market that the era of OML Linear Main Illumination has come!


Feng Xiao introduced the full range of explosive products of OML Lighting, such as "fuse ribbon engineering version", "Jimei fuse ribbon", "magnetic suction suspension line", "wall mounted series", "universal frequency-free lightning source", "Ouhao series track shooting lamp", as well as the characteristic lighting schemes of simulation rendering, full-bright mode and seamless splicing. In addition, he also released the promotion of "OML Line Light Workshop" and "OML Line Light Marketing Policy".


Opportunity! Hand in Hand with Businessmen to Make Rich Together


Enterprises are the strong backing of distributors, while distributors are the enterprises in charge. They are interdependent and win-win. Among them, high-quality businessmen are of great significance to enterprises.


OML also takes this opportunity to praise the "OML Distributor of Excellent First Class", highly affirming their hard work, but also inspiring more OML people to achieve good results.

In the "OML Lighting Excellent Distributor Sharing" link, Wang Yi, the first-class OML Lighting Excellent Distributor from Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, shared how he entered the linear lighting market and made money from it.


Wang Yi lamented: "At present, the popularization of linear lighting market has begun, and the pressure of competition has increased. There is no market for products without brand, image and customer recognition. And what I need is what Oman released today, so I'm here! "

Feng Zhongli, an excellent first-class distributor of OML Lighting from Jinan, Shandong Province, said that he contacted OML in 2013 and found that OML had a good reputation in the industry and felt good quality after using it. The reason why we choose to cooperate with OML in depth is not only because the products are good, but also because OML is a company with quality, brand and future.


In 2015, OML Commercial Lighting opened in a large scale, and its product positioning is in good agreement with Feng Zhongli's business model. Therefore, he went to the first OML image store in Shandong Province, started marketing brand promotion, and formally entered the stage of brand operation.


Speaking of "OML Linear Light", Feng Zhongli said, "Today OML from linear to linear light, which is in line with the market demand orientation, but also OML's strong cause, I have reason, confidence that we can create a new cause together, to create wealth!"  


"The current order amount has reached 44.46 million yuan!" With the announcement of the host, the whole audience was instantly burned up!


Then OML's thank-you dinner was opened by OML staff's dance "Young Should Be Wonderful". It was full of youth.

At the banquet, Cai Hongbo, executive chairman of China (Hardware) Communication Channel Alliance and chairman of Da Lighting Platform, said that they all said that three years had changed a little and five years had changed a lot, and OML had undoubtedly achieved great development in these five years. In the next five years, I hope Oman can become a benchmark enterprise in the industry!


Wang Shunbo, president of China Lighting and Lighting Sharing Alliance, said in his speech that today more people come to "Line Light Workshop" and are full of expectations for OML Line Light Workshop. Because the era of linear light has arrived, the market demand has arrived, as a distributor must seize this opportunity!


Subsequently, OML Lighting President Li Xiaoping picked up his glass and went to the stage, revealing his heart to the distributor in the place: "Come on! To our OML family, without you, there would be no OML today. To be OML, we are serious!"



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