OML performance comes out!
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OML performance comes out!
OML performance comes out!

Recently, another wave of new three-board photo annual reports have been published. On April 12th, OML Technologies performed well in 2018.

According to OML Science and Technology's Annual Report 2018, during the reporting period, OML Science and Technology achieved 347 million yuan in revenue, an increase of 30.52% over the same period last year, mainly due to the improvement of foreign market development results; the net profit attributable to the shareholders of listed companies was 0.33 billion yuan, an increase of 44.17% over the same period last year

As for the reasons for the change of income composition, OML Technologies said that in 2018, the company continued its previous main business and business model, maintained its consistent business principles and strategies, utilized the company's high-quality resources, and actively exploited the market and developed its business with the joint efforts of all employees. During the reporting period, the fluctuation ratio of income of lamp belt products and lamp products was slightly differentiated

On the "industry development trend", OML Technology in the annual report analysis that in 2018, the global economic turmoil, multinational economic downturn, weak market demand, LED lighting market growth momentum is weak, but in the context of national energy conservation and emission reduction policies continue to be good, the global LED lighting industry penetration rate is still in the ascendant. Step up.

Global LED lighting penetration rate reached 36.7% in 2017, up 5.4% from 2016, and increased to 42.5% by 2018. Looking ahead, the global LED lighting market will present three major trends in the future: intelligent lighting, niche lighting and lighting in emerging countries.

Based on the development trend of policies, markets, technologies and other industries, OML senior management team formulates the following development strategies according to OML's development vision and OML's existing resources.


1. In order to cater for the surge of rigid demand of lighting engineering, the company will further expand the business channel to achieve rapid growth of company performance.


2. Strengthen the development of overseas markets, further enhance the brand awareness and market share of the company's industry, continue to maintain in-depth market expansion at home and abroad, improve the marketing system, combined with efficient incentive mechanism and performance appraisal mechanism, to build an elite marketing team;


3. By developing intelligent, customized and integrated lighting products and services, we will become participants in the construction of smart cities and professional operators of urban lighting.


So where will Oman go in 2019?

In March this year, OML President Li Xiaoping said at the dealer meeting that "this year OML should pay close attention to four aspects of culture, technology, resources and brand, break the shell, take root and innovate the bureau", and "from the lamp to the linear main lighting, create a new pattern of dots, lines and planes", OML should use the power of line light to do a good job of the lamp belt. In the future, we hope to build "OML Wharf" together with all Omans.


As a representative enterprise of domestic LED light belt, OML Technology successfully ranked 92nd in the "2007 Top 100 LED Lighting Industry in China" last year.


It is reported that OML Technologies successfully listed its new third board in 2016. Its revenue in 2016 and 2017 were 185 million yuan and 266 million yuan respectively. In addition, its revenue in 2018 exceeded 347 million yuan. OML's performance in recent years has grown gratifying. We expect OML to have a better performance in the "Top 100 in 2018".

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