OML linear Light Leads the New Wave!
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OML linear Light Leads the New Wave!
OML linear Light Leads the New Wave!

On the afternoon of March 20, the 2009 OML Lighting National Excellent Distributors Conference was successfully held at Crowne Plaza Xiaolan Hotel, with the theme of "OML Line Light, New Wave, Creating New Riches".


Dou Linping, Secretary-General of China Lighting Society, Cao Lihui, Editor-in-Chief of Guzhen Lighting Newspaper, Executive Director of Dengdu Lighting Technology Research Institute of Zhongshan City, Ma Chi, National Senior Lighting Designer, Li Xiaoping, President of Guangdong OML Technology Co., Ltd., Deng Chao, General Manager of Oman Lighting Products Division, Lai Rongsheng, Wang Qun, Senior Consultant, Feng Xiao, Vice General Manager of Domestic Marketing, Lin Deming, Marketing Manager and other company leaders, as well as nearly 300 excellent distributors and guests from all over the country, participated in the event to discuss the development plan for 2019.

Dou Linping, secretary-general of China Lighting Society, said that product competition is not necessarily in the future, and a series of 360 degree solutions are needed. OML not only contributes to the scale effect, but also provides more profit opportunities for distributors. We hope that OML will continue to lay a good technological foundation for products, make good use of OML brand, seize market opportunities, play a leading role in science and technology innovation, and create brilliance in the future.

Li Xiaoping, president of Guangdong OML Science and Technology Co., Ltd., stressed that the key to how far an enterprise can go is with whom to go. OML will become a brand from the beginning: first, we choose to live next door, OML Xiaolan factory in Huadi, near Changqing; OML Dongfeng factory in Dinggu, Iron General, near Mei, "We need to save money, before we make ourselves valuable!" Therefore, OML to become a brand, we need to learn to "close to big money", first to learn from brand enterprises; second, to mix with excellent enterprises in the same circle.


So why does OML stand out? First of all, the gene is strong, focused, has the bottom line, has the dream. The so-called long-term career lies in adhering to mindfulness. In 2019, OML will break the shell, take root and innovate the bureau, from the lamp to the linear main lighting, and create a new pattern of points, lines and planes. 2019 is the year when the eagle breaks through the encirclement. "Culture, resources, technology, brand" is OML's "four carriages" to continue. OML people should look inward, learn internal skills, adhere to the core values of OML, all customer-centered, adhere to doing things that are valuable to customers, give full play to OML's corporate culture advantages, look at people with results, look at problems optimistically, complain less, adhere to the superman, and follow our positive progress. Think ahead, the future road will surely become brighter and brighter!

Lam Deming, manager of OML Lighting Marketing Department, described the large-scale investment in online lighting business as "OML Ten Good". He analyzed the top ten "good" products, such as good development, good strength, good manufacturing, good brand, good foundation, good carrier, good model, good service, good system and good planning, respectively, facing the fierce market competition. It shows the courage and determination of the OML’s once again

Cao Lihui, editor-in-chief of Guzhen Lighting Newspaper, takes "Threats and Strategies to China's Lighting Industry" as the theme, deeply and simply analyses the national macroeconomic situation, industry situation, threats and countermeasures, and takes various cases to analyze the pain points and difficulties of the industry.


Nowadays, channels are seriously differentiated. Relative overcapacity and fierce competition are emerging in the first-and second-tier cities. There is a strong demand in the third, fourth and fifth-tier markets. Retail prices are positioned at 400-500 yuan per set of lamps and lanterns. It is difficult to sell more than 1,000 yuan per set of products. Secondly, the level of consumption structure has changed and the market of high-end products is stable. The market share of mid-and high-end products declined sharply due to consumption downgrade, while that of low-end garbage lamp products declined significantly due to consumption upgrade, and the market share of mid-and low-end products with high performance-price ratio increased substantially. Furthermore, the plan of building the champion of single products in China's lighting industry is about to start, and the top ten brands of each category are expected to receive highlight awards. The disorderly competition in the industry has directly transited to monopoly competition, so as to avoid falling into the tragic situation of complete competition.


Faced with the "three challenges", how should we deal with them? First of all, we should create the champion of single products of explosive money and circulation, and focus on the strongest competitive advantage of enterprises to break the situation! Secondly, intensive cultivation of channels, build benchmarking market, and enhance the sales of existing dealers'single stores; thirdly, in terms of brand, we should unify the image, store, display and publicity.


Cao believes that the industry's high-quality manufacturers and excellent distributors should actively deal with it, integrate the resources of the whole industry chain, and promote the industry into the era of consumer sovereignty, distributor sovereignty and brand separation through globalization, brand, category and channel, so as to ensure the orderly shuffling of the industry.

Ma Chi, Executive Dean and National Senior Lighting Designer of Dengdu Lighting Technology Research Institute of Zhongshan City, takes "The Application of Linear Illumination in Indoor Space" as the theme. Teacher Ma admits that light is the most earthly beauty in space. Different light, color, vision and space can bring us different feelings and give us different feelings. We have a kind of guidance and guidance.


Linear illumination is the transition from lighting products to space applications. It is the most natural soft illumination. Especially the popular linear lamps and lanterns can be soft, fast, static, with uniform illumination, uniform light color and low power consumption. Linear light can cut and divide space, soft light aesthetics, arc lighting, curved surface space, vivid, vertical and horizontal levels and spatial scale sense, which construct different spatial effects.

Lai Rongsheng, senior consultant of OML Lighting, takes "New Trends, New Waves, Creating New Riches" as the theme. Lai has analyzed the current industry trends of e-commerce, Wechat, high-speed rail, demolition and LED. OML Line Light and Innovative Category, which belong to the charm of lines, is a new wave of catalogue changes, and a new opportunity to create wealth. Line Light Illumination is the "prelude" of a new catalogue explosion. Demand and and technological progress have been promoting the renewal and upgrading of catalogues, accumulating temperature in the general environment. This is undoubtedly a new trend, new category, new subversion and new type. Waves, new opportunities. OML creates a new line of light products in gene, foundation, insight, planning, integration, operation, manufacturing, processing, service and so on. We all trust Oman, come for OML and come for ourselves.

Feng Xiao, deputy general manager of OML Lighting's domestic marketing, gave a keynote speech entitled "OML Lighting Promotion and Line Lighting Workshop". It is the so-called "one move, one true chapter, one line, one light, one profession". OML's main lighting era has come! Feng also introduced the star products of OML Linear Light: the superb double pride in the high-voltage lamp belt, the unexpected in the linear light source, the X-MAN in the linear lighting, the new favorite in the channel business photograph, the All-Star in the engineering business photograph, the emerging patents in the power supply category, etc.


In addition, how to build a linear lighting workshop is introduced in detail. Linear lighting is the only product category that needs to provide reprocessing services at present. The market pre-positioning of product deep processing services meets the market demand of individualization, customization and one-stop service. In the future, Workshop is not only the carrier of brand, but also the carrier of efficiency, service, design and customization ability, the Oman House under 30 square meters line, the OML House platform on the line, low threshold, new mode, to help overtaking in bends.


Distributor Sharing


Zhejiang distributors: Zhejiang distributors on behalf of Wang Yi came to the stage to share the "three barriers of my career", the first one is the first venture; the second one is the chance to come into contact with the important integrated ceiling industry chain of Jiaxing - Youbang integration; the third one is through the deep processing business of linear lighting products, many shops have certain needs. Ask. At present, the popularization of linear lighting market has begun. This time OML brings light. He believes in OML and trusts Oman.


Shandong Jinan Distributor: Shandong Jinan Distributor Feng Zongli came to the stage to share "My Linear Road to Linear Light Avenue". Feng said frankly that since contacting OML in 2013, OML products are not only because of good products, but also because of quality, brand and future enterprises. In 2014, OML dealers were formally signed, and in 2015 OML Commercial Lighting opened in a large scale. The product positioning is very consistent with my business model. OML from linear to linear light, in line with market demand orientation, is OML's strong cause, I have reason, confidence, I believe that we can work together to create a cause for common benefit.

On-site distributors are enthusiastic, they show a high degree of loyalty and trust to OML brand and products. The order amount of on-site credit card swiping is as high as 44.46 million yuan. In the evening, a thank-you dinner was held, and OML's elaborate program set off a climax of the dinner. OML also issued a license to the first-class business, pushing the whole dinner to its peak.

So far, the 2009 OML Lighting National Excellent Distributors Conference with the theme of "OML Line Light, New Wave, Creating New Riches" has come to a successful conclusion.





Editor: Li Xiaoyun

Wen: Liu Yuhua and Liang Xiao

Chief Editor: Liu Rongrong

Editorial Review: Lu Zuhui

Editor-in-chief: Cao Lihui

Manuscript Arrangement: New Media Center of Guzhen Lighting Newspaper

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